HELD OVER (BY APPOINTMENT): In the context of Un Dimanche a la Galerie: Screening of GUINEE PORTUGAISE at Gilles Peyroulet Gallery, Paris. September 15, 12 - 6pm. 80 rue Quincampoix. Paris 75003.



November 7-10, 2019: Paris Photo. Gilles Peyroulet Gallery, Booth B11. Grand Palais, Paris.



Now in Tablet Magazine: An essay in text and photographs: MY FATHER'S HOUSE.



Two projects, NOTES FROM THE PERIPHERY and U N HEADQUARTERS, featured in Spring issue of Osmos Magazine.



My leporello album CAFE DE LA FRONTIERE in Say Shibboleth! On Visible and Invisible Borders.

Juedisches Museum Muechen. Munich, Germany. May 29, 2019 - February 23, 2020.








                                                   Selected works available on Artsy.net