23 Portaits. Gelatin silver prints of varying sizes. Edition of 5.

In 1998, invited to do a project in Berlin as a follow up on War Story, I chose to photograph Jews living there today. Starting with a few introductions I built up a network of people, trying to reach as broad a spectrum as possible. I made the portraits out in the streets of the city, asking each person to chose a place that was particularly meaningful, and while I photographed them they related their story, of how the came to live in Berlin, and of why they wanted to live there. Through the places which they selected for their portraits I found a city that mirrored their own inner conflicts; a city burdened by its own struggle to define its identity.

Related Project: War Story(1996)

Journalist and daughter student, both born in Berlin

Artist, born in New York City

Librarian, born in the U.S.S.R.

Art Historian, born in D.P. Camp, Stuttgart

Psychologist, Born in Haifa

(No profession given), Born in Berlin

Student, born in Tbilisi

Film maker, born in Jerusalem